One thought on “Words will fail: Thomas Moore on DC’s”

  • Hi – I knew nothing about DC ( maybe because I am a woman, maybe because I have been ‘tamed’ by years of suburban living – who knows?) I was taken by a male friend to the show at Warwick Uni; he likes Goode’s work and had a free ticket. I was lost in the experience. Not lost, in the sense of ‘lost in reverie’ but lost as in ‘what the fuck is this all about’. And then the ending. Watching two young, gorgeously looking men rimming (my friend had to remind me that is the name for it, so long has it been). And I was transported, transfixed in viewing; mesmerised by the ordinariness of the transgression, (in public); unsure why / how I could not be disgusted, or embarrassed or outraged. I went home. Laughed like a drain in describing the scene to my partner. And went to bed. Today, whilst trying to do some ‘serious work’ at the laptop, a longing creeps up behind me and forms a comforting blanket of memory, of life once lived more edgely. I’ve found myself to DC’s site and blog, and read Thomas’s comments ( thank you by the way for the small conversation outside after the show). I doubt I’ll become part of the DC community. But I thank Goode & Co for introducing me to DC’s work, which in turn has opened up a convenient door back to my past.

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