9 was a unique collaboration between Chris Goode & Company and West Yorkshire Playhouse that featured nine ordinary people taking an extraordinary leap into the unknown.

The process of 9 began with an open call-out for people from Yorkshire with little or no experience of performing to work with the company to create their own solo performance. Three months later, at the end of a richly challenging collaborative process, nine intrepid individuals stepped out on to the Courtyard stage and performed the diverse and beautiful solo portraits they had made.

Developed in conjunction with a team of directors, designers and other theatre artists, led by award-winning maker Chris Goode, 9 witnessed the culmination of nine remarkable journeys in a single unforgettable show.


Lead Artist/Director – Chris Goode
Directors – Kirsty Housley and Jamie Wood
Performers – Fabiana Kvam, Oliver Scarth, Sheila Howarth, Benjamin Fisk, Marg Greenwood, Shazia Ashraf, Natasha Canter, Anne Cockrem, Emi Neilson
Co-Designers – Naomi Dawson and Fran Newman Day
Illustrator – Lou Sumray
Lighting Design – David Bennion-Pedley
Sound Design – Chris Goode and Oli Soames
Original Composition – Chris Goode and Emi Neilson
Produced by Amy Letman and Ric Watts
Associate Artists – Gail Brand, Pauline Mayers, Mic Pool, George Rodosthenous

A West Yorkshire Playhouse and Chris Goode & Company co-production

Tour Dates

West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds
Wyp Play House
“It is extraordinary and watching it has completely changed my understanding of what theatre is capable of.”