GOD/HEAD drew on Chris’ own experiences of spiritual turmoil following a long personal history of comfortable atheism. The familiar ‘crisis of faith’ narrative was turned on its head as Chris is compelled to wonder: what if there really is a God after all?

GOD/HEAD explored the context of these experiences, especially in relation to Chris’ past history of mental health problems including paranoid delusions, prompting him to investigate the border zone between spiritual experience and neuroscience. The piece also considered the possible connections between religious epiphany and other intense and unshareable experiences at the edges of language and desire, where words fail us and our personal universe tilts.

In GOD/HEAD Chris was joined by a special guest performer every night, with whom he worked during the day to remake and remix some material, meaning each evening’s performance was a unique version of the show.


Writer / Director / Performer – Chris Goode
Director – Wendy Hubbard
Designer – James Lewis
Lighting Designer – Katharine Williams
Producer – Ric Watts

A Chris Goode & Company production Produced in association with Ovalhouse and Theatre in the Mill
Created with the support of Schtanhaus, the Judith E. Wilson Drama Studio, University of Cambridge, and the Jerwood Space.

Tour Dates

Ovalhouse, London
Theatre in the Mill, Bradford
Bristol Old Vic, Bristol
Oval House Theatre in the Mill
“Intelligent and emotionally questing, it thinks out loud about transcendence, openness, loneliness in the face of a vast universe, constellations of memory and the need to be able to feel what we feel, sometimes without explanation or medical intervention.”
“This piece of devised theatre is as close to divine as anyone could pray for.”
“This is a truly fascinating show. Goode’s trademark gentle manner and quest for transparency and truth are put right at the front and are themselves under the microscope.”