Maddy Costa

Maddy Costa is Critical Writer with Chris Goode & Company, a role Chris first described to her as potentially being: ‘A cross between a dramaturg, an archivist, a documentary artist, an outreach officer, a brand manager and Jiminy Cricket.’ In practice, she watches rehearsals to get a fuller sense of the ideas and making process behind each work, then writes about it, putting it in a wider context which might include other work by the company, Chris’ work elsewhere, and the work of other theatre makers that shares something of the spirit of the practice or the ideas.

Maddy started her career in journalism, writing for publications including Time Out, the Independent, the Evening Standard and the Times. She was reviews editor and deputy arts editor for the Guardian, and still writes about theatre and music for them. She also writes for Exeunt, and keeps an occasional blog, Deliq, which sets theatre in the context of everything else in her life: living in London, mothering two kids, feminism, art, cinema, dance, sewing, baking and more.

Since joining Chris Goode & Company, Maddy has moved away from working in mainstream media towards working within theatre. In 2012 she co-founded Dialogue, an organisation dedicated to forging new relationships between people who make, watch and write about theatre. Among other activities, Dialogue host their own pop-up Theatre Club, a discussion event modelled on the book group, at venues including the National Theatre, the Royal Court, Battersea Arts Centre and the Yard. She works with Fuel on their New Theatre in Your Neighbourhood project, and is associate artist for Something Other. She is also beginning to work as a dramaturg, for artists including Harry Giles, and is a board member for Uninvited Guests.