Thompson’s Live is the CG&Co podcast, focusing on theatre and on performance beyond the borders of theatre.

The podcast started in 2012, as a live show recorded at Stoke Newington International Airport. We’re now into our fourth season and the formathas changed: Thompson’s Live now presents hour-long conversations with individual theatre makers and allies, usually recorded at their homes or workplaces, or occasionally out in the world. The emphasis is on informal but reflective and thoughtful dialogue, often centering on process and politics.

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For this second episode of the new season, Chris meets Cecil Baldwin, New York based actor and host of the wildly popular podcast Welcome to Night Vale.

Our theme music:
The Strange Sounds Orchestra: ‘Strange Sense of Liberty

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Index of previous episodes

Series 4 Episode 1: Paula Varjack, performance maker

Series 3 Episode 14: Billy Barrett + Ellice Stevens from Breach Theatre

Series 3 Episode 13: Chris Thorpe, writer / performer

Series 3 Episode 12: Jo Bannon, performance maker

Series 3 Episode 11: Karen Christopher, performance maker

Series 3 Episode 10: Kieran Hurley, writer / performer

Series 3 Episode 9: Amber Massie-Blomfield, executive director, Camden People’s Theatre

Series 3 Episode 8: Rhiannon Armstrong, performance artist

Series 3 Episode 7: Cressida Brown, artistic director, Offstage Theatre

Series 3 Episode 6: Andy Smith, writer / director / performer

Series 3 Episode 5: Rajni Shah, performance maker

Series 3 Episode 4: Jon Haynes + David Woods of Ridiculusmus

Series 3 Episode 3: Lulu Raczka + Dan Hutton of Barrel Organ

Series 3 Episode 2: Deborah Pearson, writer & performance maker

Series 3 Episode 1: Megan Vaughan, blogger & critic


Series 2 Episode 8:

Katherine Angel, author of Unmastered: A Book on Desire, Most Difficult to Tell; Leverhulme Early Career Fellow at the Centre for the History of Emotions, Queen Mary University of London

Andy Field, performance maker and curator; co-director, Forest Fringe

Elizabeth James, poet; Senior Librarian, National Art Library, V&A Museum London

(with certain interjections and expansions from Tim Fletcher and Harry Gilonis)


Series 2 Episode 7:

David Lockwood, director, Bike Shed Theatre

Cathy Turner, Senior Lecturer, Drama department, University of Exeter

Mark Wallace, director, Beaford Arts


Series 2 Episode 6:

Ursula Martinez, writer, performer and cult cabaret diva

Liam Jarvis, co-director, Analogue

Paul Warwick, co-director, China Plate


Series 2 Episode 5:

Hannah Silva, writer and theatre maker

Ruth Mitchell, site-specific performance maker and actor; co-director, Part Exchange Co

Mark Leahy, writer, artist & teacher


Series 2 Episode 4:

Bridget Escolme, Senior Lecturer in Drama, QMUL

Kirsty Housley, director and writer

Andrew Haydon, critic and blogger


Series 2 Episode 3:

Nick Blackburn, theatre artist, teacher and film maker

Rachel Mars, performance maker

Sam Ladkin, English lecturer, University of Sheffield; dramaturg, Chris Goode & Company


Series 2 Episode 2:

Pauline Mayers, dance/movement artist and teacher

Iain Bloomfield, artistic director, Theatre in the Mill

Emma Adams, playwright and theatre maker


Series 2 Episode 1:

Hannah Nicklin, theatre maker/producer, games writer, blogger

Jenny Paton, co-director, Camden People’s Theatre

Georgina Sowerby, director/actor, co-director, Dirty Market Theatre


Series 1 Episode 7 (Christmas bonus):

Maddy Costa, critic, blogger, and co-director of Dialogue

Jonny Liron, performance maker

Harry Gilonis, poet


Series 1 Episode 6:

Chris Campbell, Literary Manager, Royal Court Theatre

Dan Rebellato, Professor of Contemporary Theatre, Royal Holloway University of London

Francesca Lisette, poet


Series 1 Episode 5:

Stella Duffy, writer, performer, director

CJ Mitchell, co-director, Live Art Development Agency

Alison Blunt, musician


Series 1 Episode 4:

Wendy Houstoun, dance/theatre artist

Mary Paterson, writer & curator

Dominic Lash, musician


Series 1 Episode 3:

Phelim McDermott, co-artistic director of Improbable

Rajni Shah, performance maker

John Hall, poet; Professor of Performance Writing, University College Falmouth


Series 1 Episode 2:

Judith Knight, co-director of Artsadmin

David Jays, theatre and dance critic

Andrea Brady, poet


Series 1 Episode 1:

Sarah Punshon, theatre and tv director, and currently Curator of Performing Arts at the Natural History Museum, London

Lynne Kendrick, senior lecturer in drama, Central School of Speech and Drama

Clive Bell, musician and music writer